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Bosch Exxcel KGN30VW20G Frost Free Fridge Freezer in White.

Fridge over freezer. Energy Efficiency: A+ Fridge Capacity (Gross): 191 litres Freezer Capacity (Gross): 100 litres Guarantee 2 Years Colour White Depth (mm) 650 mm Height (mm) 1700 mm Width (mm) 600 mm Weight (kg) 71 kg Fridge shelves 4 Energy Efficiency: A+ (This reveals how effectively an appliance uses energy, the higher the efficiency the more economical it is and the lower the energy bill. A scale from A+ to G indicates efficiency, A+ being most economical, a crucial factor these days in view of modern energy prices!) Energy Consumption (kW-h) 279 kW-h (The lower this figure, the less electricity used and the cheaper it is to run the appliance) Fast Freeze ability. (A temporary boost of the freezer output, to quickly reduce the temperature of the cabinet and any fresh produce down to the optimum storage temperature (-18). Designed to preserve the texture and flavour of the food.) Has an anti-bacterial lining or silver-ion coating which prevents bacterial growth. Frost Free Freezer (Frost-free means a system which maintains sub-zero temperatures without creating frost and ice by forcing cold air directly over the food, this avoids a build-up of ice on the walls. Sometimes called dynamic cooling.) High Temperature Warning (An audible alarm or a warning light to alert you if the temperature inside the cabinets becomes too high for safe food storage.) Reversible Doors (Means it’s possible to move the hinges to either side of the cabinet so that the door opens in the most convenient direction. ) Salad Crisper 1 (Box or pull-out drawer situated in the fridge section, which is designed to maintain the temperature and moisture levels at the optimum level for the storage Salad foods and some types of vegetables.)

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