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Ice King IK8951AP2 A+ Rated Fridge Freezer in White

Ice King have a fabulous reputation in the field of refrigeration appliances and this tall fridge freezer is perfect for a medium sized household. It’s a slim width (48cm) and so can be easily fitted into just about any kitchen. (Note that all refrigeration appliances should have a couple of centimetres clearance either side and a little space left to their rear as well).

The fridge has a capacity of 89 litres – big enough for around four or five shopping bags of food., and the freezer section, with a usable volume of 51 litres is easily enough for 2 or 3 full bags of frozen goods. These fridge freezers, like most, are 50/50 split which means seen from the front the two sections are of equal height. Some people find the quoted volumes a little confusing because the volume in the bottom section is often partially taken up by the compressor. Despite this, because the space in a freezer is typically packed far denser than a fridge, a 50/50 split fridge freezer gives a good balance between the two functions which is why they are the most popular.

The fridge section comes with: 

  • Three adjustable shelves
  • Full width salad drawer
  • Three door racks

The freezer is divided into three clear fronted drawers

The energy performance of the entire appliance is very good. It has been rated A+, meaning it’s one of the more energy efficient and economical appliances available and you will barely notice it on your electricity bills.


  • Depth: 530 mm
  • Height: 1450 mm
  • Width: 480 mm

Fridge Freezer Specifications

Cabinet Split50/50
Frost Free FreezerNo
Energy EfficiencyA+
Number of Shelves3
Height (mm)1450
Width (mm)480
Depth (mm)530
Weight (kg)44
Guarantee2 Years
Requires PlumbingNo

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