Bosch DHL545SGB Canopy Extractor Hood in Metallic silver


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Serie | 4 Canopy hood

DHL545SGB Silver metallic lacquer

Canopy cooker hoods are designed to be fully integrated for more flexibility when planning your kitchen.

  • An impressive extraction rate of 490 m3/h ensures this hood will have your kitchen odour free in no time.
  • Halogen lighting provides energy efficient and bright lighting of the hob area.
  • For fast and effective extraction, the intensive speed setting removes strong kitchen odours quickly and effectively.

Technical specifications

  • Design
    • 55 cm wide
    • For installation under an overhead canopy kitchen unit

  • Features
    • Slider switch control
    • 3 power levels & intensive setting
    • 2 x 20W low energy halogen lights
    • 2 removable metal grease filter cassettes

  • Performance/technical information
    • Suitable for ducted or recirculating operation
    • Maximum extraction rate 490 m3/h (intensive)
    • Noise level according to EN 60704-3 and EN 60704-2-13 exhaust air:
      Max. normal use: 61 dB(A) re 1 pW (47 dB(A) re 20 µPa sound pressure)
      Intensive: 67 dB(A) re 1 pW (53 dB(A) re 20 µPa sound pressure)

  • Optional accessories
    • Charcoal odour filter DHZ7305

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