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Designer Angled Cooker Hood


This Angled Cooker Hood is a designer feature – but also essential for keeping the air in your kitchen clean and preventing the build up of grease and grime. The EVG6 comes with dishwasher safe aluminium filters and a warning light to let you know when the filter is saturated.


The EVG6 also comes with a 15 minute timer so you won't forget to leave the extractor on.


EVG6 features:


Ducted/ re-circulating installation

3 +intensive speeds

Dishwashable Aluminium grease filter

Touch control

Filter saturation warning light

Clean air function

15 minute timer

Peripheral aspiration

Twin fan motor

Telescopic chimney



Technical Specification:


Rated electrical power: 290W

Power supply: 3A

Outlet diameter: 150mm





Wattage of light: 20W

2x 20W halogen lights





Number of grease filters: 1

Number of charcoal filters (optional): 2

Charcoal filter code: CHA1



Extraction Rates And Noise:


Noise level: 56dB(A)

Extraction rate: 703m3/hr


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