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The CDA EIN60SI integrated cooker hood is ideal for those who want a cooker hood that does what it says on the tin and isn’t obtrusive to their kitchen design. Ideal for extracting cooking odours and steam from more compact kitchens, this CDA is subtle in design and efficient in extracting.

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How will this look in my kitchen?

This cooker hood is designed to fit into a kitchen cabinet above the hob. The front is made to have a kitchen cabinet door that matches your own fixed to the front, so when the hood is not in use it fully integrates into the kitchen unit for a streamlined look.

Please measure the dimensions of the cooker hood carefully against your cabinet space to ensure it will fit:

Dimensions: (W) 600mm x (H) 380mm x (Depth when closed) 270mm (Depth when in use) 495mm

Suitable for ducted or recirculated extraction

Not every kitchen can have ducting out installation for a cooker hood, so this chimney extractor can be installed to recirculate or duct out, so you focus more on what cooker hood you want rather than be restricted to which one has the right extraction method.

3 speed extraction

The maximum extraction rate of this integrated cooker hood is 280 m³/hr which is ideal for more compact kitchens. This extraction rate can be adjusted via the slider control that has 3 speed settings for you to choose between, so you can tailor the speed to suit what you’re cooking and the level of odour and steam.

Light your hob up

This integrated cooker hood comes with a halogen light to make it easier to see the hob whilst you’re cooking. The glass light diffuser spreads the light out for a full coverage of the hob which is handy when you’re using all burners.

The halogen bulb is energy-efficiency and longer-lasting – ideal for saving money on the energy bills!

EIN60SI integrated cooker hoo


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