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CDA EVCK4BL Cylinder Kitchen Extractor / Cooker Hood

The CDA EVCK4BL cylinder island extractor will make a big statement in any kitchen with its matt Black cylindrical design. The EVCK4BL has 3 speeds and an intensive mode with soft touch buttons. One of this Kitchen Extractor's main features is its peripheral aspiration where air is drawn through peripheral spaces at a higher pressure, resulting in a quieter and more efficient extractor.

Designed so that it can be used anywhere in the kitchen over appliances built into a kitchen island, it can nevertheless be installed either to filter and recirculate air or to remove it outside the building via ducting. In either event this kitchen appliance is essential in order to protect you and your home from cooking odours, condensation, and grease or particles entering the air.


  • Ducted/re-circulating installation
  • 3 speeds + intensive
  • Soft touch buttons
  • Aluminium grease filter
  • Lighting: 2 x 20W halogen lights
  • Filter saturation warning light
  • Clean air function
  • 15 minute timer
  • Peripheral aspiration


  • Ducting kit code: AED 61/63/64
  • Charcoal filter for re-circulation : CHA2 (pack of 2)


  • Rated electrical power: 290W
  • Required height over gas hobs: 650mm (min)
  • Required height over electric hobs: 650mm (min)
  • Motor Input: 250W
  • Power supply: 3A
  • Pressure value: 436Pa
  • Outlet diameter: 150mm


  • Extraction rate: 503m3/hr
  • Noise level: 62dBA
  • Extraction rate at first speed: 223m3/hr
  • Noise level at first speed: 45dBA
  • Extraction rate at second speed: 332m3/hr
  • Noise level at second speed: 60dBA
  • Extraction rate at third speed: 503m3/hr
  • Noise level at third speed: 62dBA
  • Extraction rate at fourth speed: 608m3/hr
  • Noise level at fourth speed: 66dBA


  • Energy rating: D


  • Number of lights: 2
  • Type of light: Halogen


  • Number of grease filters: 1
  • Number of charcoal filters (optional): 2
  • Charcoal filter code: CHA2
  • Ducting kit: AED61/63/64


  • WEEE Category: 01


  • Height: 890-1190
  • Width: 400
  • Depth: 400

EVCK4BL Fitting Diagram

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