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CDA EVPK90SS Linear Island Kitchen Extractor

The CDA EVPK90SS is a contemporary stainless steel island extractor with 3 speeds plus an intensive speed. The EVPK90SS has a touch control panel, as well as a filter saturation warning light that makes maintenance hassle free. This extractor has a clean air function keeping your kitchen smelling fresh. This kitchen appliance also has a 15 minute timer allowing the kitchen extractor to switch off automatically after cooking. You can use this as a cooker hood no matter where in the kitchen your cooker or hob is located, but especially if your kitchen is arranged around an island design. It can nevertheless be fitted for either ducted or recirculating operation i.e. just filtering the air or pumping it out of the kitchen entirely. In either event this crucial kitchen appliance will improve your air quality, reduce condensation, eliminate odour and extend the lifetime of all your household decoration. It comes with CDAs confident standard Guarantee terms of 5 years for parts and 2 years for any labour.

Key Features

  • Ducted/ re-circulating installation
  • 3 +intensive speeds
  • Aluminium grease filters
  • Touch control
  • Filter saturation warning light
  • Clean air function
  • 15 minute timer
  • Twin fan motor
  • Dishwashable grease filter
  • Telescopic chimney
  • Boost function


  • Ducting kit code: AED 61/63/64
  • Charcoal filter for re-circulation : CHA21 (pack of 2)


  • Rated electrical power: 330W
  • Required height over gas hobs: 700mm (min)
  • Required height over CDA gas hobs: 700mm (min)
  • Required height over electric hobs: 600mm (min)
  • Required height over CDA electric hobs: 600mm (min)
  • Motor Input: 250W
  • Power supply: 3A
  • Class III
  • Pressure value: 436Pa
  • Outlet diameter: 150mm
  • Optional accessories: Ducting kit aed61/63/64


  • Extraction rate: 520m3/hr
  • Noise level: 64dBA
  • Extraction rate at first speed: 250m3/hr
  • Noise level at first speed: 45dBA
  • Extraction rate at second speed: 345m3/hr
  • Noise level at second speed: 55dBA
  • Extraction rate at third speed: 520m3/hr
  • Noise level at third speed: 64dBA
  • Extraction rate at fourth speed: 600m3/hr
  • Noise level at fourth speed: 68dBA


  • Energy rating: D


  • Number of grease filters: 3
  • Number of charcoal filters (optional): 2
  • Charcoal filter code: CHA21
  • Ducting kit: AED61/63/64


  • WEEE Category: 01


EVPK90SS Fitting Diagram

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