CDA HCE340SS Domino Two Zone Sealed Plate Hob Stainless Steel


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CDA HCE340SS Domino two plate electric hob

The HCE340SS is a domino, two plate electric hob in stainless steel, with front controls and 6 power levels. Made from quality materials this Domino hob is durable and stylish, coordinating in any kitchen. Compact in size with just two cooking zones it will not take up too much counter space once integrated into your kitchen, so this hob is ideal for apartments, smaller kitchens or single living. Conversely, you may wish to add it as additional cooking space in a large kitchen or when catering for guests, customers or a large family. If you choose to increase your hob size the Domino hob can be joined with another using the optional joint strip accessory (AHJ30). Often those passionate about cooking and with the space join an electric and gas hob giving them the best of both worlds.

The rear larger zone is perfect for your larger pans, ready to boil potatoes or cook pasta. The smaller front zone is ideally sized for smaller pans, great for boiling smaller vegetables or prepare gravy and sauces. The controls are traditional knobs and situated at the front of the hob. The six power levels allow you to accurately select the heat best suited to what you are cooking. The front centre of the hob features a power indicator so you’ll always be aware of when the heat is on, helping to avoid any accidents.


  • Integrated
  • Stainless steel
  • 6 Power levels
  • Front controls
  • Rated electrical power: 3.5kW
  • Power supply required: 20 amps
  • 2 Zones
  • Front zone: 1.5kW / 145mm rapid
  • Rear zone: 2kW / 180mm rapid
  • Power indicator light

Optional accessories:

  • Join Domino hobs with joint strip: AHJ30

Technical Specifications

  • Mains cable: Yes
  • Rated electrical power: 3.5kW

Plate Information

  • Front – 145mm rapid: 1.5
  • Rear – 180mm rapid: 2

Miscellaneous Information

  • WEEE Category: 01

HCE340SS Fitting Diagram

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