CDA HCG301SS Domino Two Burner Gas Hob Stainless Steel


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CDA HCG301SS Domino Two Burner Gas Hob

The HCG301SS is a simple, smart and stylish domino two burner gas hob in a stainless steel finish. Features include: front control, enamel pan support and flame failure. If you don’t have mains gas available but want the luxury of a responsive gas hob, this appliance comes with an LPG (bottled gas) conversion kit.


  • Front control
  • Enamel pan support
  • LPG jets included
  • Automatic ignition
  • Flame Safety Device – cuts the gas should a flame go out

Technical Specifications

  • Two Gas Burners
  • Front: 1.75kW semi-rapid
  • Rear: 3kW rapid
  • Rated gas input: 4.75kW
  • Rated eletrical power: 1kW
  • Power supply required: 3amps


  • Front, semi-rapid: 1.75kW
  • Rear, rapid: 3kW


  • LPG conversion kit included

Optional Accessories

  • Domino joint strip: AHJ30

Dimensions (mm):

  • Height: 30
  • Width: 288
  • Depth: 510

Technical Fitting Diagram

HCG301SS Hob Fitting Diagram

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