CDA HN6410FR 60cm Four Zone Induction Hob


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The HN6410FR four zone induction hob has an electronic touch control panel, unlike conventional hobs it generates heat in the cooking vessel (e.g. saucepan) rather than generating the heat on the hob itself, this means that the hob does not actually heat up preventing burnt on spills. The HN6410FR has 9 power levels, a booster feature on each zone to reduce heating times, an auto safety switch, time limit security system, an easy clean surface and LED display to make this both a highly functional and stylish piece of kitchen equipment.


  • Front control
  • 9 Power levels
  • Booster function on each zone
  • Easy clean surface
  • Residual heat indicators
  • Electronic touch control
  • LED display
  • Safety key lock
  • Timer
  • Auto safety switch off
  • Anti-overflow detection
  • Anti-overheat protection
  • Automatic pan detection
  • Small object detection
  • Time limit security system

Zone Information

  • Front left: 1.5(with booster 2.0)/210 kW/mm
  • Front right: 1.2(1.6)/145 kW/mm
  • Rear left: 1.2(1.6)/145 kW/mm
  • Rear right: 1.5(2.0)/210 kW/mm

Technical Specifications

  • Rated electrical power: 2.8/3.5/6/7.2 kW
  • Power supply required: 13/16/25/32 A

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