Philips GC160/02 Affinia Dry Iron with DynaGlide Soleplate


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Philips GC160/02 Affinia Dry Iron

The Philips GC160/02 Affinia Dry Iron is equipped with their DynaGlide Soleplate for an easy glide on all ironable fabrics. This Iron is finished in White and has 1200watts of power. The slim tip has a button groove for easy manoeuvrability round fastenings and hard to reach areas. Comfortable ergonomic textured handle for an easy grip. Easy storage – wrap the 1.9m power cord around the heel rest and store easily.

  • DynaGlide soleplate for easy gliding on all garments

    Dynaglide Soleplate

    DynaGlide coating is one of the best Philips soleplate coatings. It is much more scratch-resistant and it glides better than an aluminium, non-stick or ceramic soleplate.

  • Slim-tip soleplate reaches easily into tricky areas

    Slim Tip

    The slim tip of the soleplate allows you to reach easily into the trickiest areas, such as between the buttons, in pleats and in the corners.

  • Button groove speeds up ironing along buttons and seams

    Button Groove

    Button groove speeds up ironing along buttons and seams.

  • Comfortable handle with texturing for easy grip

    Easy Grip Handle

    The texturing on the handle of the iron ensures a comfortable and ergonomic grip, so that your hand fits well and does not slip during ironing.

  • Cord winder for easy cord storage

    Cord Winder

    The cord can be wrapped around the heel rest so that the appliance is easy to store.

  • Easy temperature control

    Temperature Control

    An elevated temperature control is easy to operate and precise. You will always have the right temperature for your garment.

  • Temperature light indicates when the iron is hot enough

    Temperature Light

Temperature light goes on when the iron is heating up and goes off when the soleplate temperature has reached the set temperature.

Features and Specifications

  • Full control
  • Easy temperature control: Yes
  • Temperature light indicator: Yes
  • Fast and powerful crease removal
  • Power: 1200  W
  • Soleplate: DynaGlide
  • Comfortable ironing
  • Cord length: 1.8  m
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Easy cord and hose storage
  • Long-lasting cord: Yes
  • Reaching tricky areas
  • Button groove
  • Soft grip: Yes

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