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Russell Hobbs Oxford Kettle 20091

This is a 1.7 Litre and 2400 Watt polished Stainless Steel and Silver kettle – a touch of class for your kitchen.

The Oxford Polished Kettle is a pristine style statement with a high shine finish that positively gleams. As its name suggests, the Oxford is an intelligent breed of kettle from the Russell Hobbs range. This clever appliance has a ‘rapid boil zone’ which means it can cook up the tap water from tepid to boiling in just 45 seconds – now that’s really handy for those times when you could ‘kill for a cuppa’. It can make one to three cups in super-fast time.

The kettle has a handy ‘perfect pour’ spout design so the water can be poured evenly into mugs and cups without spluttering and spilling all over your worktop. An internal water indicator tells you how full you’ve filled it so you don’t boil it dry or over fill its 1.7 litre capacity.

To keep your kettle clean and fresh, and free from limescale, it has a removable, washable filter that you can simply flip out, rinse through and pop back in. The Oxford kettle is an ideal choice for domestic or office kitchens and is a choice that won’t let you down in the style stakes either.

Kettle Features

Polished stainless steel kettle with plastic accents
Rapid boil zone feature denoting 1/2/3 cup volumes
Easy pour spout
1.7 L capacity
360 degree base with integrated cord storage

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