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Russell Hobbs 21351 Mix and Go Cool Blender

It’s Easy to Enjoy Cool Drinks in Minutes with the Mix and Go Cool from Russell Hobbs

Mornings can be busy; so if you have to rush to work or dash to the gym and don’t have time for breakfast, the Food Collection Mix and Go Cool from Russell Hobbs is the ideal gadget for you. It’s a blender with two portable drinking cups with lids, and two cool units all in one appliance. Whether you love tangy berries, juice or prefer tasty bananas and creamy yogurts, you can mix up a delicious, nutritional smoothie in one of its 600ml containers, blend, and then just take the portable bottle with you. 

The genius part is it has an integral ‘Cool Tube’ that sits inside the cup to keep your drink icy cold – so if you don’t have time to drink it straight away it’ll still taste as fresh as the moment you mixed it. It is also Compact and personal, as the cups fit into standard size car cup holders so you can enjoy them on the move. 

There’s no mess either as you’re making your smoothie in one, easy-to-clean container that you take with you. Best of all, homemade smoothies are fresher, cheaper and better for you than anything you’ll find in the shops. All you have to do is mix and go!

2 Portable Bottles

2 Portable Bottles

The Mix and Go includes two dishwasher safe 600ml bottles and lids. They fit into standard size car cup holders so you can enjoy them on the move.

Pressure activated auto start

Pressure activated auto start

Create your favourite smoothies with pure simplicity – no switches, simply press to pulse and twist to blend.

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