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Healthy homemade soup and smoothies made easy

Homemade soup tastes better and has none of the added ingredients and preservatives you find in tinned soup. So instead of reaching for the tin opener, make your favourite soup just how you like it, quickly and easily, in the fabulous Russell Hobbs Soup & Blend.

This specially designed jug blender with heating element has a choice of 8 programmes. At breakfast time you can switch it on to create delicious nutritious smoothies. You can then use the same unit to make tasty, piping hot soup full of natural ingredients. 

It’s easy to use too. Simply select the function, press the button and go. The stylish, modern jug can blend 1.75 litres of cold ingredients or 1.4 litres of hot soup.  Because it’s big enough to make 4 servings, all the family can enjoy the delicious flavours that can only come from homemade soup. 

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