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AEG Rapido AG5104WD Wet & Dry Cordless Vac

Rechargeable and cordless, the AEG Rapido AG5104WD wet and dry handheld cleaner gives you superb flexibility. With its outstanding design, high performance and low noise levels theAEG Rapido AG5104WD cleaner is perfect for quick cleans and spills in the home or car. The new Rapido with Wet&Dry technology™ cleans where other cleaners have to surrender – in both dry and wet environments. Whatever the spill – be it breadcrumbs or water, the Rapido takes care of it, making it the best companion for quick cleans. Designed with innovative little features to make your life easier, such as the unique front wheels to help you glide safely over any surface you want to vacuum, have a soft surface to ensure you leave no scratches.

SOFT STEER™ WHEELS MAKE CLEANING SIMPLE AND PROTECT DELICATE SURFACES. The new Soft Steer™ wheels protect you and your home: they take the strain of your arms and hands and make it easy to move your Rapido around, while also making sure that textiles don’t get sucked in. And since they are extra soft, the wheels also prevent your delicate surfaces from getting scratches.

ERGONOMIC HANDLE TO MAKE RAPIDO CONVENIENT TO USE HERE, THERE, AND EVERYWHERE. Rapido is designed to be used. That’s why when designing the handle, ergonomics was the key word. First and foremost, Rapido will let you conveniently clean everywhere – from high-up shelves to floors. The handle is also what makes it quick to pick up or store away.

More intelligent design – more powerful performance.

To extract even more power from the new Rapido rechargeable, AEG have completely re-designed the fan unit. First, they have boosted vacuum by optimizing air flow with the help of advanced gas-turbine technology. Then, to reduce losses, they have encapsulated the fan. And finally, they have tweaked the shape and angle of the fan blades. The result is an intelligent piece of engineering that generates higher airflow and suction than ever before .

Cyclonic action – keeping filters cleaner and suction power higher.

With many conventional handheld cordless cleaners, dust clogs the filters, reducing the suction power. To prevent this, Rapido rechargeable vacuum cleaners create a cyclonic flow that spins the dust around in the dust container so that less gets stuck in the filters. The cleaner the filters, the greater the suction power. The construction of the inner and the outer filter give more effective dust filtration

Integrated crevice tool.

Comes with an integrated crevice nozzle. The crevice nozzle allows you to clean in those hard to reach places

Charging indicator light.

A blue light indicates when the vacuum cleaner needs to be recharged.

The handheld vacuum cleaner with wheels – ergonomic and furniture-friendly.

Rapido – the only rechargeable handheld with wheels – has become one of the most popular on the market. The reason for wheels is simple: they take the strain off hands and arms. Not only does this make Rapido easy to use and manoeuvre, but the new soft wheels protect surfaces from scratches. Crumbs on the tablecloth? No problem: Rapido cleans tablecloths quickly and easily because the wheels help prevent textiles from being sucked in.

Hygienic filter cleaning.

By pulling and releasing a spring loaded lever – dust loosens from the filter and falls into the dust cup. This reduces clogging and minimizes your exposure to dust particles.

Easy dust emptying.

The dust container can be easily removed and emptied. Alternatively the dust can be sucked out via the patented front lid while using your main vacuum cleaner.

Features and Details

  • 10 minutes run time
  • PNC: 900 274 431
  • Battery cell type: NiMH
  • Charging time h: 12-16
  • Filtration type: Wet & Dry
  • Colour dust container: Transparent Deep Blue
  • Dust compartment volume: 0.5

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