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Karcher 1.348-153.0 Vac

This Karcher MV4 Premium Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner has a powerful 1600 watt performance with a 1000 watt output for superb pick up of dry debris, dust, glass and liquid.
This Karcher Vac is convenient and fast and is equipped with cleanest of filters due to their new flat pleated filter technology. The Vac is housed in a stainless steel container with a 20 litre capacity so will not need empting every five minutes like some other well-known vacuum cleaners we could mention! Karcher are also well known for their pressure washers and leaf blowers so you know you will be buying from a company well-experienced with great experience in their design field. You can be sure this appliance will be an enormous help with your household carpet cleaning.

Key Specifications 

  • Power: 1600 Watt. 
  • Energy use: 1000 Watt. 
  • Cable length: 5m. 
  • Vacuum: 210 mbar. 
  • Container Volume: 20 litre.

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