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Hotpoint Aquarius WDPG 8640P Washer Dryer

This WDPG8640P Aquarius Series Washer Dryer comes in White and features a 1400rpm Spin Speed, a Large 8KG Wash Load and a 6KG Dry Load.

The appliance has an LED display panel and also features a Delay Timer so that you can take advantage of cheaper rate electricity or have it warm your clothes just before you’re ready to put them on. It also has a Child Lock for added safety. There are 16 washing and 3 drying programs including the Woolmark Platinum Care delicate wash that keeps woollens as good as new. There are also EcoCycles, Express wash & dry as well as Mix 30’, silk cycle and cashmere drying.

Set and ForgetSet and Forget Sensor drying

Our Set and Forget drying system uses sensors to monitor the moisture and temperature levels inside the drum of the machine, so the machine senses the when the load is dry. Not only convenient for you, sensor drying ensures maximum energy efficiency, by ensuring that the machine stops when the clothes reach the drying level selected.

Woolmark Platinum Care

Certified soft and gentle care for woollens. A delicate wash programme that keeps your woollens as good as new. It uses an extra gentle drum action and low spin speeds to stop clothes rubbing together and keep them looking beautiful for longer.


Our Eco Tech icon highlights those Washer Dryer with an A energy rating, or with specialist Eco features like the Eco Wash Function on all of our Aqualtis Washer Dryer that save around 50% to 70% in energy* by automatically modifying the Cotton, Synthetic or Fast Wash cycles.
– *Energy savings are up to 50% for Eco Cotton cycle, up to 68% for Eco Synthetic cycle and up to 70% for Eco Fast Wash cycle (all compared to equivalent 30ºC cycle).

Anti-stain technology

First for stain removal. Removes 20 of the most stubborn everyday stains in one wash without pre-soaking. By cleverly managing detergent, water, drum rotation and temperature.


  • Energy Efficiency Class: A
  • Wash And Dry Energy Consumption: 1088kWh/Year
  • Wash Only Energy Consumption: 208kWh/Year
  • Washing Performance Class: A
  • Water Extraction Efficiency: A
  • Maximum Spin Speed: 1400
  • Washing Capacity: 8kg
  • Drying Capacity: 6kg
  • Wash And Dry Water Consumption: 21000L/Year
  • Wash Only Water Consumption: 14600L/Year
  • Wash And Dry Annual Energy: 1088kWh/Year
  • Wash Only Annual Consumption: 208kWh/Year
  • Noise Emmision: 85dB (Max)
  • Colour Of Unit: White
  • Height: 850mm
  • Width: 595mm
  • Depth: 605mm
  • No Of Programs: 14
  • Wash Grade: A
  • Hand Wash: No
  • Wool Wash: Yes
  • Delicate Wash: No
  • Pre Wash: Yes
  • Variable Wash Temperature: Yes
  • Auto Half Load: No
  • Half Load Option: No
  • Timer Delay: Yes
  • Time Remaining Indicator: Yes
  • Cold Fill Only: Yes
  • Water Consumption: 14600.0L/Year

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