Indesit ISDG428 Start Spin Dryer in White


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Indesit ISDG428 Spin Dryer in White

Indesit ISDG428 4kg Gravity Spin Dryer in a White finish is a normal freestanding Drier with no need to be built-in. This spin dryer is a perfect appliance for those who want the convenience of a tumble dryer without having to sacrifice the space. Sizing up at only 62cm (h) x 34.8cm (w) x 34.8cm (d) you can store it away out of sight, and simply plug it in whenever you need to use it. Unlike a built-in dryer, it has no need to be attached to the plumbing, and you can just empty the excess water in to a bowl/sink out of the nozzle in the front, giving you an easy to use and maintain dryer. Being small however, does not mean it sacrifices power – the device is able to get up to an amazing 2800rpm which means it will dry your clothes off in no time at all. The appliance comes with a Warranty for 5-year parts.


  • 4 Kg Load capacity.
  • Freestanding
  • Height: 62cm
  • Width: 34.8cm
  • Depth 34.8cm
  • Spin speed: 2800 rpm

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