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Homesource 4U Appliance Centre

Homesource 4U Appliance Centre

Here to help with all home appliance needs

Installation of your Appliances

We generally provide APPLIANCE FITTING, APPLIANCE REPAIR, and APPLIANCE DISPOSAL within our East Midlands catchment area, however we are now able to provide these services throughout the uk. Just call us for a quote and we’ll be happy to help.

We have engineers qualified for both electrical and gas fitting/dismantlement, and we are also certificated to handle refrigerator re-gassing using environmentally approved HFCs. We also have a spares department, supplying SPARE PARTS nationally and internationally.

Remember that when multiple services are included in a single visit (e.g. an appliance delivery, with fitting and disposal) total costs are usually less than the competition, so call to book a fitting at the same time you order the appliance!


Homesource engineers are fully trained and certified to do any appliance fitting, including installation of integrated appliances if your units are ready. As specialist engineers, our charges are very competitive and our engineers will always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and leave your home clean and tidy. All prices are fully inclusive of VAT.

These prices are for like for like installations. Should any alterations or be required or any special delivery, please call HS4U on 0115 8 372373.

Integrated Fridge£89£19
Integrated Freezer£89£19
Integrated Fridge Freezer£89£19
Full Sized Dishwasher£24£19
Integrated Dishwasher£89£19
Freestanding Washing Machine£25£19
Integrated Washing Machine£89£19
Cooker (electric)£74£19
Cooker (gas)£94£19
Cooker (duel fuel)£99£19
Range Cooker (electric)£74£19
Range Cooker (gas)£94£19
Range Cooker (duel fuel)£99£19
Built in Electric Oven£89£19
Built in Gas Oven£99£19
Electric Hob£89£19
Gas Hob£99£19

Although freestanding fridges often require little more than plugging in, they often involve difficult lifting and manoeuvring, hence sometimes a small charge. We are happy to unpack and dispose of all packaging upon request. Fridge door reversals are charged £19.99.


If you are in the East Midlands catchment and purchasing an item or services from Homesource4u by Home Delivery we can dispose of the old replaced appliance for you. Please refer to the recycling fee on the table for more infformation.


Homesource 4U prides itself on being second-to-none for SIR, Sales, Installation and Repair.

REPAIRS: Your warranties are usually with the appliance manufacturer not Homesource 4U Ltd (except on refurbished sales which are not listed on our website).
In other circumstances, appliances repaired in a single callout are typically charged £49.99 (inclusive VAT) plus the cost of any spare parts fitted.

We appreciate that emergency appliance repairs are a hardship for many people. We always avoid tallying up charges and never leave our customers in the lurch. In some circumstances we lend our customers stand-in appliances.

If you are a landlord, let out your own property or a letting agent within our post-code catchment areas we also carry out Diagnostic and Repair Call-outs, Servicing, Safety Inspections, Refrigerator re-gassing, Spare Part identification and sourcing, and can offer GRADED and REFURBISHED appliances at substantial savings. We are also happy to Collect and Return Keys from third party locations (this is often FREE but a nominal charge might be levied depending on distance and time).


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