Home Appliances – the REAL cost!

Leading online appliance vendors like AO, Argos, Amazon and the Co-op seem to offer unbeatable value for many new home appliances, but when you look at the small print their offers are far from the great value they pretend to be. They frequently neglect to point out all their additional charges. Usually you will also […]

Fridge disposal, has the government got it wrong?

More fridges and freezers than ever before are being abandoned, dumped or illegally consigned to landfill. Refrigerators contain gases that cause global warming, but legislation to ensure safe fridge disposal has failed. Where did the Government go wrong? Waste sites now charge from £15-£30 to accept a refrigerator or freezer. If you’ve had to hire […]

A Guide to Refrigerator Temperatures

Fridge Freezer, wine chiller and refrigerator temperatures are intended to be different on different shelves and in different compartments, so that you can choose the one best suited for your item. The exact temperatures vary from fridge to fridge but generally speaking refrigerators can be divided into four zones. −18 °C (0 °F) in the […]

Can men do laundry?

Well can men do laundry? Indesit, Britain’s most popular washing machine manufacturer, conducted a large scale survey to find out. They discovered that at least 58% of British men are unable to use a washing machine properly. All agreed that washing machines are “too confusing”. This is from the gender that mostly runs the government […]

Cleaner laundry from your Washing Machine

If your laundry’s coming out grey and you need whiter whites and brighter coloureds, don’t be too quick to blame the washing machine. You can get cleaner laundry from almost any washing machine before panicking and calling out our washing machine engineers. Detergents Lots of people think all washing powder is the same – it […]

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