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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions and Guarantees

This page details your rights and responsibilities regarding guarantees, warranties, advertising, safety responsibilities and other liabilities and undertakings arising from your dealings with Homesource 4U Ltd.. This document also contains some useful advice about consumer protection in general.


On ordering you can indicate in the space provided at checkout a preferred delivery time or other necessary arrangements as well as any additional services you may require from our engineers (fitting of the new or disposal of old appliances). We cannot give guarantees to deliver, or provide engineer services, at this preferred time. After an order for a deliverable item is placed (that is, for an appliance within the East Midlands area to which we do personal deliveries) we will attempt to contact you to confirm an actual appointment time and details. We must be able to contact you to make this appointment on the telephone number, or email address, you have provided to us. You are also welcome to call us immediately to discuss these details whilst, or even before, placing your order (the best number to use for this is 0115 8372515).

Unlike the big national mail order companies, Homesource 4U provide a personal service and therefore we always do our utmost to accommodate a customers individual needs regarding deliveries, installations and appointments.


Any information and guides posted on the site cannot replace the opinion of a qualified trades person who has inspected and taken into account your individual needs or installation requirements. Interested persons should consult directly with a suitably qualified trades person before acting on any advice contained herein.

Homesource 4U Ltd reserve the right to make changes without notice to any part of this website, including but not limited to: specifications, prices, inclusions, dimensions, availability, terms and conditions and suitability for use. Please check with the manufacturer to confirm exact details of products.

Delivery times may be subject to change at short notice due to conditions beyond our control (such things as traffic conditions, employee absences or unanticipated supplier issues). We cannot accept responsibility for any losses caused by this although we will do our best to reschedule for your convenience and avoid passing on any costs of failed delivery attempts when the customer is not at fault. We reserve the right to charge for additional visits if the customer is at fault for missing a prior agreed delivery or service appointment.

If an item is returned by customers because they have changed their mind and not because of some fault in the appliance then the customer is liable for the costs of both the initial delivery and the return expenses. (If you are local or replacing the purchase with another in our range contact our customer support and we will see what we can do for you in individual cases).

This web site may contain links to sites maintained by others, and we cannot take responsibility for the content or maintenance of those other sites.

No part of this website may be reproduced without permission from Homesource 4U Ltd..

New appliances are covered by manufacturers guarantees therefore any fault developing in a new appliance is the responsibility of the manufacturer. However if the failure occurs soon after a purchase Homesource 4U Ltd. may sometimes, at our discretion, try to help out our customers in coping with any difficulties that may arise but this does not admit, imply or confer any obligation on our part to do so.

Refurbished Appliances and Services Guarantees

All appliances advertised on our website are brand new. However the following information is provided here for the benefit of customers who have bought, or who are considering buying, a refurbished appliance from our Nottingham showroom or workshops.

Refurbished appliances supplied by Homesource 4U Ltd are considered under warranty for six months from date of purchase providing they have been correctly operated and adequately protected from harm. However we reserve the right to rectify any problem by the most economical means — which means we reserve the right to decide whether to repair or replace either the whole appliance or any part thereof. In the event of a replacement – in whole or in part – we reserve the right to determine what constitutes an adequate or reasonable replacement or repair.

Please understand that any faults arising in appliances new or old, supplied or serviced by Homesource 4U Ltd are only covered by guarantees and warranties when the appliances have been properly treated and cared for, and subjected only to normal usage, by their new owners and persons permitted by the owner to access the said appliances.

Normally we guarantee any repairs we carry out for a similar period, but in the event of a failure of a replacement part there may be coverage under the guarantee terms provided by the part manufacturer or supplier.


this section is provided as a service to our customers should an issue arise with your manufacturer.

Most large appliances these days are reliable enough to easily outlast their guarantee periods if treated correctly but there will always be exceptions. Therefore, here are things you should know about (manufacturers) guarantees and warranties, and your statutory rights.

Your statutory rights are protections provided by government legislation and your rights under a guarantee can only extend these in the form of a contract with the manufacturer or supplier or other guarantee provider.

The guarantee is only reliable if you have registered your appliance with the manufacturer after purchase, and they usually allow you one month to do this. The paperwork that comes with the appliance should explain this to you. You can also try the manufacturers website for online instructions. PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER YOUR APPLIANCE! in case you regret it later. Even if you encounter a fault after several months of use but have not done this, do not despair — the manufacturer may still let you register, so long of course that you have some documentation to prove the purchase and date.

Only the person who bought the item can make a claim, unless the warranty or guarantee (either the one that came with the appliance or which you have purchased separately) uses the phrase ‘third party rights’. It’s extra important that you look out for these words if you bought it second hand or were given it as a gift.

Check whether you are liable to pay postage, packing and transportation costs if you have to send something back – the documents included on delivery should state this somewhere too.

The Sale of Goods Act 1979, under which traders must sell goods that are as described and of satisfactory quality, applies to second-hand goods just as it does to new ones. But the level of protection you’ll receive will vary depending on who you are buying from: be sure to buy from a reputable and professional business with a proven track record of good service. Enforcing your rights on purchases made from ebay, auction rooms, private individuals or foreign companies often proves impractical or impossible.

The Sales of Goods Act states that the goods must be of “satisfactory quality” but the meaning of this in law is not clearly defined and the vendor or a court may not interpret it in the same way you do. In particular, second hand goods do not have to meet the same “satisfactory quality” as new goods. You could not, for example, expect a vendor to replace a second hand appliance with a new one even if the second hand one had, in your opinion, been in mint condition. The vendor only has to be seen to make “reasonable” efforts to rectify your grievance.

When buying from a mail-order or online retailer another UK law, known as Distance Selling Regulations, can be applied. If you haven’t had reasonable opportunity to see the goods beforehand this law provides you with a 7 day “cooling off period” in which you can change your mind about the purchase and return it for a refund. However it is always better if you can come to an amicable agreement with the vendor because pushing your case under this regulation can still entail considerable expense and be contested. In particular you will be responsible for the cost of the packages return; you will be liable for any damage, including in some cases to original packaging, or missing parts or paperwork; you will have to clearly forewarn the vendor of the items return within those seven days and have it delivered promptly; and theoretically in some contexts you could still be sued for a potential breech of contract if the vendor can show you have caused him or her any additional losses, or might argue that you were, in fact, provided with a full and adequate description of what you were buying.
When you comply with all the requirements but are returning to disreputable, disgruntled, private sellers, anonymous auction sellers or sellers located abroad you could easily lose both the appliance and the sum you paid for it, law or no law.

The safest solution is to only deal with well-established businesses with a good reputation in the first place, and with whom you can personally negotiate a mutually agreed “reasonable” remedy. In our experience companies that are too large and impersonal can be as hard to negotiate with as vendors that aren’t established businesses at all.

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 specifies that you are entitled to a full refund of the cost of an item within 30 days of buying a faulty appliance (so unlike the 7 day rule this cannot cover items you simply change your mind about). Whilst this places an obligation upon the vendor it also places one upon the customer — if you do not make a claim within those 30 days then your entitlement to a refund no longer applies in full. After the 30 days you lose the right to reject the goods outright and you are only able to ask for a repair or reasonable replacement or partial refund. Also remember that in order to define an item as “faulty” it must be clearly unfit for purpose.

As new goods are usually covered by a formal Guarantee from the manufacturer you will not need to worry about these statutory rights as your agreement with them will often cover you for a much longer period. Be sure to keep the terms of the guarantee somewhere safe.

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