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Can men do laundry?

Well can men do laundry? Indesit, Britain’s most popular washing machine manufacturer, conducted a large scale survey to find out. They discovered that at least 58% of British men are unable to use a washing machine properly. All agreed that washing machines are “too confusing”. This is from the gender that mostly runs the government and usually drives our lorries, trains and aeroplanes for us. Unsurprisingly, 16-24 year old males are the least likely to do their own (let alone anyone else’s) laundry. Their most popular excuse is that they “don’t know which button to press”. This is from the…

Cleaner laundry from your Washing Machine

If your laundry’s coming out grey and you need whiter whites and brighter coloureds, don’t be too quick to blame the washing machine. You can get cleaner laundry from almost any washing machine before panicking and calling out our washing machine engineers. Detergents Lots of people think all washing powder is the same – it isn’t! While you don’t need to spend a fortune on the stuff, cheap brands are often poor quality. On the other hand, the most powerful brands will certainly deliver cleaner laundry, but might wear out your fabrics in the process. The best detergent depends upon…

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